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Carbostuff Engineering


It seems Dominik Bahn is still up to his famous tricks of taking orders for money and not fulfilling his obligation to supply parts he had been paid for, basically ripping people off. Although we have better things to blog about we are all about helping people not go down the same path as many other have done and its good to see our blog and our posts do seem to be working, as we have managed to help a few people over the last few months avoid giving money to a thief and a past criminal, although over the last couple of weeks we have had a couple of people that have made contact with us asking for help and assistance as they have not been so lucky.

We have been asked to update our blog post with pictures and address details by the people that have had issue recently.

This is his current work address, but he doesn't work from here on a daily basis is listed below.

Carbostuff Engineering Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 7A, 24536 Neumünster, Germany

As previously stated, he has no staff and is purely a one man band, allegedly having his product that doesn't seem to exist manufactured in Poland.

Please let us know of any issue you have with Carbostuff Engineering, as we are still collecting information to assist the German fraud police.

Please note all of the Carbostuff media.


A list of websites where he advertises parts for sale


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