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New products and projects

We have been a little busy lately and have so many new products to discuss, t’s difficult to know where to start. With our amazing Z4 GT3 V8 now residing at our composite partners BAMD, this freed up our personal work load, as this is the company demo car that is being built to showcase what our collaboration brand Aspect GT can do, it’s a project that has not only take huge sums of money, but also a lot of our time. It still has a fair way to go, but it couldn't be in better hands than Adam the owner of BAMD Composites, he has a plan and will execute that plan to perfection, so that now allowed us to look after our new range of Forged wheels that we are happy to say I will be producing in Europe. We have decided to move production for a number or reasons, the first being we have been extremely loyal to a lot of the American brands over the last 10 or 15 years and unfortunately it’s not reciprocated, all we will say is unfortunately volume and turn over mean very little. We also want proper tested wheels with JAL, JWL, VIA & TUV certification, this is something American manufacturers can’t don’t or won’t offer, just having the product FET tested is no longer acceptable, we have lots of designs in all forged profiles and configurations, in all sizes, finishes and applications we will cover our new wheel line in a separate blog post at a later date.

Porsche 997 Bi Turbo "R" completed at Sleepers Speed Shop

One build we do want to discuss is our 997 “R” As one of our Porsche 997 Turbo “R” projects comes to a finish in California by our friends at Sleepers Speed Shop, our next bit of Porsche excitement is working with our good friend Speedwells. We have known Iby for such a long time, he is very much part of the VAD family, so we are pleased he has decided to build his dream car in the form of the Porsche 997 Turbo and fit the VAD GT3R aero pack, his 800 bhp wide body Supra known all over the world, so we can only imagine this Porsche build it going to be a pretty spectacular build, I just can’t wait to spec and build his next set of wheels for this up and coming build, it’s going to be a very exciting build to be involved with.

Keeping on the Porsche theme, we have finally manage to source one of our favorite ever Porsche products, the Kremer 935 K3 conversion and we are super stoked, it’s a huge conversion and a must for any 930 or 964 owner looking for something a little different, it’s the pinnacle conversion and the parts list is vast., and one conversion we would love to see on the UK roads.

Kremer 935 K3 can be based on 930 or 964 Porsche Chassis click the link to view the K3 , this is one very special conversion, one we would love to see on the street.

Another update on our Porsche parts is for the 996 chassis, we now have the RSR XXL wide body aero pack, it has a more aggressive font bumper, with vented front fender tops and houses 11” front wheels and 13” rear, this has not been added to our 996 aero product range.

Porsche 996 RSR XXL wide body

Whilst we are discussing all things Porsche, we are soon to launch an all new wide body Cayman programme, which we will cover in an up and coming post. Email the team with any enquiries we will be more than happy to assist.

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