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Magnesium Wheel for McLaren F1

The McLaren F1 LM needs no introduction, it was in its day the pinnacle road racer, with beauty from any viewing point, it still looks as fresh today as the day it was launched, its one of our favorite cars of all time, so when we got a call to potentially work with one of our long time customers on a special build thats taking place, it was an offer we couldn't refuse.

We have worked with Mark from MJP racing for a number of years, making a few set of wheels for a number of his cars, the one that stands out was a set of our Trafficstar wheels on his Ultima GTR, Mark didn't want to follow the normal route of the standard old looking Ultima GTR wheel, he wanted fresh and modern, upsetting the purists along the way fit fitted our Trafficstar STR 9x19 front and 13x20 rear and it looked pretty spectacular.

He present project is pretty awe inspiring, most people are asking why you would change your original O.Z Chrono Magnesio wheel that you love, to a wheel design that will look the same, with the main reason being tyres and the rear size in particular, the 345/35R18 are like hens teeth, they are no longer manufactured, and the ones that are available are coming to the end of their DOT shelf life, so with a huge brake set up being manufactured for this project, it seemed like a no brainer to to make a larger wheel to house the new brakes and have a better tyre selection.

The wheel design will be an homage to the original O.Z classic 5 spoke, but will be 19" instead of the 18" original set up, we are building the wheel design in 3 piece configuration in 10" & 13" widths, centers will be ultra light weight forged magnesium, with titanium fasteners and all painted in anthracite to match the current set up, this is one wheel build that really excites us, more details will follow as the build happens, with a big shout out to Patrick from Litespeed Racing for stepping up to the plate for our request.

10x19 & 13x19 Magnesium Forged 3 piece centre lock for McLaren F1

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