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Widebody BMW M6 hits the streets

A few months back we gave an insight into a build that was happening with a very special BMW M6, and at last we are pleased to say the car has hit the streets and has been out and about at various shows, it not 100% finished and we do know that the kit is still off and on the car, as the rear bumper extensions are still being worked on, as Joakim perfects the fitment he wants with the aero kit.

Personally we would of preferred the none riveted look, but that’s just our own opinion as we aren’t a huge fan of riveted kits, but kudos to Joakim as he has built this car himself and this was the look he wanted, which is what this build is about, we were quite skeptical with how this car was going to turn out when he ordered his 12x21 front and 15x21 rear VAD forged wheels, but we have to say he pulled it off, we look forward to seeing this build progress over the coming months, as we have no doubt he will make changes to perfect this one off wide body M6.

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