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Mascar Racing Birmingham Wheels 24/06/2017 with Andy Hartwell 05

Saturday the 24th of June saw the return to Birmingham wheels with the Mascar Racing crew, and what a great meeting it was, with 3 fantastic races and we are pleased to say Andy Hartwell had his first race win of the season, so you can only imagine our celebrations.

The build-up week to the race meet saw Andy burn some midnight oil getting the car ready he is meticulous in every detail when preparing the car for race meets, and he gave the car a complete overall from front to back, it was then taken to Pro 24 Racing for set up, huge shout out to Craig, as he got the car well dialed in so the car was ready to rock and roll for the Birmingham meeting. Anyone that knows the Birmingham wheels track will also know it’s not the best place to race as its rather dilapidated, but as it’s the home circuit you have to go in full support, we just wish the council would actually throw some money back at the place, as it could be a wonderful place to go racing, it just needs some TLC.

With the car set up and all looking good with practice on the Saturday afternoon, the 5.45pm race one was let’s say rather eventful, with Andy yet again starting at the back of the grid, he wasted no time carving his way through the traffic, that was until he had his nose taken clean out and hit the wall pretty full on, but he regrouped to finish 6th but in the normal Hartwell style he just got on with it, no moaning, groaning, he wasn't particularly happy as the accident bent the front of the chassis, but not one to whinge or gripe he just got on with the job in hand and race, without being biased, I do feel some of the racers that line up in this formula should take notice of Andy’s attitude, although it a none contact sport, rubbing bumping and crashing into each other is going to happen, it’s how you deal with that is what sorts the racers from the none racers. With race one being won by Julie Stanford, and we must say she is quick, and she really does know how to peddle, she is firm, fair and bloody fast.

Julie Stanford #11 Steve Stanford #22

In race two Andy lined up 6th as he had finished in race one and it took him no time at all to head the pack, once he got to the front all he had to do was keep the blistering pace and he would win not only his first Mascar win, but the first win of the season, no way anyone would catch him in that race, Steve Stanford who finished second had a good go at reeling him in, but Andy had the measure of the field in race two, a great result with some powerful moves and over taking.

Birmingham Wheels Saturday 24th June 2017, Mascar Racing, Race 2 & race win for Andy Hartwell

With the final it was a reverse grid and Andy was again at the back of the grid, a position he has got used to starting from, but it really doesn't seem to faze him, as far as he is concerned it is what it is, go hard or go home, and go hard is exactly what he did, he put on a pretty epic show, moving through the field to finish 2nd, so a pretty good day at the office.

We were supposed to head out on the Sunday to Buxton in the Derbyshire countryside, but with the front end of the chassis not in good shape, Andy decided he would rather miss that round and fix the car for the next round at Skegness Raceway.

A huge congratulations and well done to Andy Hartwell, its been on the cards for a while, were just glad we were there to see him bring it home at the front, roll on Skegness…see you there.

The Hartwell #05 pit crew, with a second place finish in the final

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