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Magnesium Forged and Carbon Fibre Hybrid alloy wheel

We have been in discussion with Patrick from Litespeed Racing for some time now and have been working on a very special project for the all new Mercedes AMG C63 Edition 1 Motor sport edition, that involves his very beautiful VS10 forged wheel design, only rather than using the regular 6061 heat treat forged aluminium and carbon, we are using forged magnesium and carbon for a very special hybrid carbon fibre wheel, built specifically as an exclusive for Andrew Morris and his Icon F1 brand.

Andrew is no stranger to working with high quality exotic materials when constructing a vehicle, his collaboration with the Sheene family when building the icon Sheene Ultrabike is a sheer testament to the word quality, the specification is mind blowing.

1400 CC Suzuki engine, but Andrew added some extra spice with a Garrett Turbocharger, Carrello Con-rods, Wiseco Pistons, and a Motech Formula one wiring system with data logging and mapping adjustment, with some exotic titanium and carbon fibre parts finding their way onto the bike, it just oozes quality from every angle.

This is one project we have been looking forward too, working with some great materials, and the worlds first hybrid carbon and forged Magnesium wheels, bookmark our blog post for more details as this build moves forward.

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