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MASCAR Birmingham Wheels

Saturday the 3rd of June saw Andy Hartwell return to the Mascar race line up, a very busy work schedule along with moving work premises has seen him head down and arse up in his workshop, turning a very old dilapidated factory into to a modern day 5 ramp MOT station, so unfortunately he has had to prioritise, and work commitment has come first, as without work, there is no racing, so with the workload sorted and the new building looking rather dapper, it was time to unwind and have a bit of fun, in true Hartwell style , and what better way to do that, than hit the race track.

MASCAR Racing, Juli and Steve Stanford

With 8 races of the season already gone, Mascar turned up at Birmingham wheels, which happens to be Andy’s home race, and one that he is sponsoring, so it would be rude not to participate in this round, and Saturday morning saw us load up the truck and head off to the track for practice and a little bit set up work and catch up with the guys and gals from the Mascar community, we all had a great morning chewing the fat with a few friends, and sorting out the little set up issues, #05 was ready to rock and roll for race one.

After being away from the first part of the season, Andy lined up near the back of the pack, but fought his way through with some excellent race craft, finishing a formidable 3rd place, not a bad start to the day, and with his race face on, he was looking forward to race 2, where he lined up mid pack, to finish second behind the race winner Juli Stanford.

Click the video below if you would like to see the full race 2 coverage.

MASCAR Racing, Race 2 from Birmingham Wheels 03/06/2017

The final race of the day was always going to be one to watch, and it didn't disappoint, and as luck would have it, Andy misplaced his side safety net support bar, but with Craig on hand from PRO 24, it all got sorted fairly quickly, although Andy was now lining up yet again at the back of the grid.

The race was pretty spectacular, and the in-car Go Pro footage show not only how fast these little pocket rockets are, but also the driving standards really are first class, enjoy and watch from a birds eye perspective of what its like to race one of these stunning little race cars, this really is a series that’s going places, and with a brands hatch next week, proves it’s a series that’s growing fast, so with brands hatch on the horizon followed by another visit to Birmingham, and with a few tweaks in the pipeline, we look forward to seeing hard and fair racing, as they say “If you’re not rubbing you’re not racing” .. see you at Brum.

MASCAR Racing, GoPro In-car with Andy Hartwell, The Final from Birmingham Wheels 03/06/2017

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