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AME Wheels Shallen L.O.D FX

Over the last few weeks we have been updating our website with all the new Japanese brands we have taken on for 2017, and we have had amazing feedback for all of them, especially the Forged magnesium range of TWS wheels, the pinnacle road or track light weight wheel, it really doesn’t get any better, but one wheel in questions that took not only our eye, but an awful lot of interest from customers around the world, the very beautiful AME, Shallen L.O.D FX.

The design has been around since we can remember in various disguises, when it first hit the scene all those years ago, it was as a cast 3-piece wheel design, with a flat profile, but as its progressed through the years and into its second configuration, it changed to a 3-piece concave with the extended legs, and option that is still available and still looking good on any vehicle it enhances.

AME Wheels Japan, Shallen L.O.D FX

Seen here is the latest update and configuration made to the design, a deep concave 2 piece forged wheel, with the spoke running all the way to the rim edge, with a step lip and floating style spoke, and the results as you can see are stunning.

Manufactured in sizes 19” and 20” in various widths, offsets and applications, the wheel can be finished in any colour configuration, with 21” and 22” being added to the line up over the coming weeks.

Email the VAD team for pricing and applications, we can see this wheel being a very popular choice for the 2017 season.

BMW E63 6 Series Cabriolet 20'' AME Shallen L.O.D FX

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