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Lamborghini Huracan, Enhanced with 20" & 21'' M10R Klassen ID

The Lamborghini Huracan needs no introduction, it one of the most photographed cars across all media networks, and certainly one of the most beautiful looking cars to ever come out of the Bologna factory, from any viewing point this car is just stunning.

For us at VAD, this is one car that needs zero body modification, and that in itself speaks volumes, as we are a company that loves to modify even the very best, it certainly doesn’t need any bolted on over fender flares that seem to be the rage at the moment, its perfect just the way it is, and the only enhancement we would consider is the wheels, and usually Lamborghini get this spot on, but not with the Huracan, this is one area you can enhance, with wonderful results, as we can showcase here with this particular model.

This is the LP610-4 and this has been fitted with a set of Klassen ID wheels, the M10R to be more precise, and it has put the finishing touch to this amazing looking machine, finish in gloss black, with a slightly larger sizing and width front to rear, 9x20 & 12x21, with the larger tyre set up, Klassen prove if you modify tastefully, you can improve on perfection.

For all European Klassen ID Forged wheel enquiries, email the VAD sales team

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