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Sirius Automotive 818

We have been working on a bit of a top secret project over the last few months, with a company called Sirius Automotive, just waiting for the time we can discuss their up and coming pocket rocket, and we are pleased to be given the green light, and boy oh boy does this little box of joy tick every box, what we love about this car the most apart from the amazing handling and speed, is the fact it comes in so many different configurations, it's beautiful from every viewing point, the boys at the factory stateside have done an amazing job.

818 Coupe

The coupe is pure win to look at, its drop dead gorgeous to look at, now the best bit, you can have the coupe, with a removeable hard top option, yep we know its cool, you get the best of both worlds, and it looks just as gorgeous without the roof, then they offer a full soft top version, and if thats not wet your appetite enough they have the race- r, a full blown track warrior, good lord, where would you start, ... we just want them all.

The spec list is mind blowing, you really can build the car to exactly how you want it, the list is huge, the base engines are from the Subaru, in the form of the glorious boxer 2ltr engine or you can spec it up to the 2.5ltr, Sirius inform us the 2ltr is the most popular, they can also be tuned by their engine partners, but if you Are looking for something just a little bit special, how about a electric powered version, as you will see in their online video collection, it's a pretty phenomenal piece of kit, we can just imagine that beautiful coupe, with the removable roof with Tesla performance and power ...oh yes please.

818 coupe

Sirius Automotive 818 Coupe

as with any new built car, you get the option to finish the exterior and interior to your own specification, you want leather, no problem, or alcantara with the carbon touch, they offer every bespoke option, they will also make you car options for the exterior too, with the black weave being offered for the front splitter, side splitters, racer mirrors, carbon bonnet, rear spoiler, rear diffuser, you want a one off carbon body, these boys could make it happen.

We are happy to report the European cars will all wear the Enkei Japan lightweight road wheels, measuring 7.5x17 front (with an 8x18 front option) and 8.5x18 rear, colour choice is vast, and the quality of the Enkei name speaks volumes, adds a touch of Ichiban to the brand name.

We are looking forward to working with Sirius for the foreseeable future, and we wish them well in their quest to make, not only a high quality vehicle, but a fast, reliable, and all this with beauty in depth, that will snap necks wherever you take it, with the added bonus that this car has been honed on the track, but now you have the difficult choice ...which one.

we are updating our website with some new products over the next few days, as well as updating and adding our new partners page, we would be where we are today without the help and assistance of these amazing companies and people we work with, keep an eye on the list as we add more to our partner list of people we not only work with, but are happy to call our extended family, as they say “Teamwork makes the dream work”.

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