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Lamborghini Aventador, AG Luxury AGL31

Every now and again a car build comes along and takes your eye. As the European Importer for the (Avant Garde) AG wheels brand there are always builds dropping through our email box and this particular build deserved its own post.

Lamborghini Aventador AG Luxury ALG 31

AVANT GARDE AG LUXURY AGL 31 9.5X21 Front and 13x22 Rear Spec 3 concave profile

Most of the people around the automotive trade will of heard the name MC Customs, out of Miami Florida, the conversions and customers are straight out of the top draw, and they smashed this one straight out of the park, it really is a jaw dropper.

This is Lamborghini range topper the Aventador, this one comes with a whole list of mods, but the one mod we want to discuss is the wheel choice, which is what makes this car stand out from the norm.

The wheels are from the AG Luxury line up, and the are the AGL-31, in spec 3 configuration, in sizes 9.5x21 front and a 13x22 rear, finished in the all new Monaco Brushed Bronze with a polished outer rim section, to say we love this Aventador is an understatement.

Photography comes from the wonderful talents of William Stern.

For any European AG Wheel enquiry, email the sales team and we will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.

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