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Klassen ID Wheels

For the new 2017 season we have added another high quality forged wheel range, Klassen ID. As with all the brands we promote and sell , quality is at the forefront of our decision, yes the designs are important, but quality is the first thing we look for in a brand, would we fit a set on our own vehicle, so if we are promoting a brand, we wear it with pride.

Klassen ID have been a round quite a while, what caught our eye was some of the innovative designs they have hit the market with over that last few months, the added benefit is they complement our current line up, yes we have some design familiarities, but we also have many fresh designs that will do well in our European /Australian market, so it’s a brand we are very much looking forward to hitting the market with.

As with any custom forged wheel brand, there is a huge list of size, widths, applications, designs & finish available, this is the beauty of any custom manufactured wheel range, you can bespoke build the wheel design to your exact specification, fine tuning a forged wheel build is exquisite and Klassen wheels are no different, the options of what can be done are endless.

For any European enquiry on this amazing brand, email the VAD team, we will be more than happy to help you build the perfect Klassen setup for your pride and joy.

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