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The Ultimate wide body GTR...CarbonZilla, up in lights.

It has been a long time coming, but we got there in the end, a four page "FASTCAR" magazine feature of the awesome Carbonzilla GTR belonging to our good friend Jan Schekman.

I must say on a personal level, Jan has worked meticulously hard on this build, getting the car exactly how he wanted it, he could of took the easy option, become a Lemming, followed the crowd and just built either a Liberty Walk or Rocket Bunny over fendered riveted GTR, but that’s not what Jan is about, he wanted the exact opposite, so thats what he built.

VAD CR EVO, Liquid Bronze, with Carbon Fibre Outer Rim

Rear View, Carbonzilla 75mm wider each side over the stock GTR, with the Swan Neck Voltex Rear #lordofthewings

We were extremely surprised no American publication showed an interest in getting this beauty featured, first up it’s a very quick GTR which has been lightly breathed upon with performance goodies, with the added bonus of being smothered in Carbon, and not JUST the usual hood, splitter & diffuser either, the complete car apart from the doors and the roof have been hit with the black gold, and 7" wider than a stock GTR, a pure work of art, so what is not to like, but as they say …their loss, is a Fastcar Magazine gain.

We would like to thank Jules the Editor for making this one happen, a true car enthusiast and petrol head, so a phone call with accompanying photos ,he made it happen, all we had to do was wait a few weeks to get the right slot, if you read the publication, you will know that a modded wide body GTR is quite a popular feature in Fastcar, but not a full blown wide body carbon fibre version.

Carbonzilla, looking mean & moody, with a nighttime shoot with Hafast Photography

The magazine is on sale now, it’s also available as a digital download, its well worth a read, and couldn’t come at a better time, happy belated birthday and a very happy Christmas Jan, you deserve this my good friend.

* Special thank you to Larry from #Hafast Photography, for the killer pictures.

The aeropack is available in Carbon Fibre and FRP from stock, the kit consists of the following parts:

Front Bumper, front splitter, front wider fenders, side skirts, rear quarter panels, rear bumper.

Optional extras: Vented hood, rear wing, rear diffuser, coilover suspension, Exhausts, forged 3 Piece wheels in either 13x20 or 13x21 sizes and widths.

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