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Manhart MH2 400 BMW M235i X-Drive

We are big BMW fans at VAD, we have owned a few, our plans for our own Z4 has also got us up close and personal, and reacquainted with the brand, so when we were approached by Christophe Luyck regarding wheels for his BMW M235i X-Drive it got our attention, but it wasn’t until we got into the wheel build that we found out this was no ordinary M235i, nope…. This was a Manhart MH2 400 wide body, and it’s a beauty.

Although we had heard of the Manhart name for tuning the BMW marquee, we had never seen the little wide body 2 series until Christophe brought it to our attention; it really does look menacing from every viewing point, it is a wide body designed to perfection, in fact it's so good you would think it came out of the Bavarian Munich factory looking like this, huge credit to the Manhart designers, they have created an absolute beauty.

Christphe Luyck Manhart MH2 400 BMW M235i

When we first saw Christophe prime example, it had been wearing a set of Stance wheels, and although they looked pretty good on the car, we both knew it could be so much better, what made the job so much easier is that the wheel design was already chosen, Christophe is a man that knows exactly what he wants, and the AGL19 from AG Luxury wheel range was his wheel of choice, now it was time to spec the wheel to the body and lock down the finish of choice.

The conversion takes a pretty wide set up, 9” to 9.5" front and 10.5” rear, even an 11 at a stretch, but Christophe has his own ideas, and as he had already run with a wider and larger set up, he didn’t like the ride quality or the fact it rubbed from time to time, especially on lock, so it was time to spec the wheels exactly how he wanted them to look, after all 3 piece forged wheels are about bespoke custom applications, widths and finish, so that’s exactly what he did.

A square set up of 9.5x19 was decided on, to be wrapped in 255/30r19 front and rear, the finish was to be matte Black centres, inner barrels, with liquid bronze stepped outer rims & hardware, with the AG spec 3 concave centre profile (floating spoke) centres, hmmm, what a recipe.

With the wheel build complete and shipped off to Belgium, AG wanted the completed project photographed, and there is only one photographer that would be given the green light to bring this car to life through his silky lense skills and that’s the amazing talent of Mike Crawat Photography… enjoy.


Christophe Luyck


Manhart MH2 400 BMW M235i X Drive ( Wide Body)

Wheels Design / size

AG Luxury AGL19 Forged 3 piece > 9.5x19 front and rear Fitted with 255/30R19

finished matte black centre, liquid bronze outer rim & hardware.

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