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McLaren MP4 12C Enhanced with AG Luxury Wheels

The AG Luxury wheel brand is quite a new brand, but as with any of the AG products, it hasn't taken long to attract the marquees the brand was launched for, you only have to look at his MP4 12C to see that the Luxury arm of the AG brand is in some serious company.

with brands like McLaren, its difficult to improve the looks of the car, some of the wheels we have seen adorn this masterpiece have completely ruined what McLaren designed, but lets not go there, as its a case of each to their own, what works for some, doesnt work for others.

For us here in the VAD office this Mclaren is perfection, wheel size, design, and finish, the AG Luxury ALG-15 has never looked so good, this particular example is fitted with 9x20 >245/30R20 front & 12.5x21 >325/25R21 rear, with the spec 3 concave 3 piece forged centres, finished in smoke candy black centres, with smoke polished outer rims, machined to take the oem centre caps, as you can see this is one stunning combination.

AG Luxury Wheels, AGL-15 Smoked candy black centres, with smoked polished outer rims for the McLaren MP4 12C 9x20 Front > 12.5x21 Rear

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