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Mascar October 22nd 2016 Penultimate Race

It was good to be at the penultimate race of the season, at Birmingham Wheels and see Andy Hartwell in action yet again, in the very competitive Mascar series, wow they fly and there really are some great drivers in the field, its a great series and if you haven’t already been along to see these little pocket rockets in action, we can strongly suggest popping along to see, especially the final of the season when they are at the same venue as the Legends.

Saturday 22nd of October and Andy had 3 races, so we got there nice and early to set up and check the car over, and of course VAD was roped in, we were chief cook and bottle washer, pleased to say the burgers went down a treat, .. .so with the belly full, it was time to hit the first race at 5 pm.

The car looked nervous and a bit of a handful to drive, and Andy did confirm, it was pushing on the front end, but even with that problem, he had a great result and came in 3rd overall, in the second race the car looked the same, very push on the front end, what didn’t help in race two was the tank slapper moment from another car that lost control and hit Andy in the side, luckily Andy didn’t sustain too much damage and managed to get to the finish line, and after a good check over would be out for race 3.

Back at the pits, Craig from PRO24 Race shop noticed one of the coilover units had too much play, which explains the pushy front end, especially as it was on the front passenger side, an the side that was doing most of the work, so a quick swap from side to side with an easy repair for the evening and as there was the third and final race, nothing really to lose.

Starting 3rd for the final race of the evening, 25 laps of the track, within half a lap car number #5 took the lead and pulled out a 1.5 to 2 second gap, the car looked so much better, it was planted,and all was going well , that was until half way point and backmarker car 50 gave andy very little room as he over took him, he shouldn’t really of been anywhere near him, but he was and he hit #05 and spun him round, frustrating end to a brilliant start, as he was on for the win, but that as they say is racing.

So now it’s the end of the season, with just the grand final left, Birmingham wheels here we come.

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