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Aero products from Japan

Over the last 12 months we have regularly been asked to source and supply aero parts from Japan for the Japanese sports car line up, and looking at all the goodness that was being asked for, we would have been extremely silly not to get it listed on our website, it something we have looked at for a while, and always put it off, mainly because of the size of the task, of listing all the parts, but we have been given a gentle push from customers to get off our butt and get it all online.

So what are you likely to see being added over the next couple of weeks, there is such a selection we couldn't possibly list it all, so we will upload a small selection of what we can get our hands on, for example, a small selection from Rocket Bunny will be added, but we can get the complete range, along with the likes of, Aimgain, Varis, Voltex, Kuhl Racing, VITT, to name a few, they all offer a great selection of parts in carbon and good ole FRP, and all offer something a little different, we just won’t be listing the complete range from every manufacturer, just a nice selection, and if you cant find what you are looking for, just ask the question, if it’s made in Japan, and its available, we can source for you.

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