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Carbostuff Engineering / Dominik Bahn

Dominik Bahn and Carbostuff Engineering, it seems this is one name that just will not go way, and every day we are contacted with another new story of theft, fraud and deceit, the most upsetting part is this is being done to fellow petrolheads all over the world, with customers and contacts especially from Australia and New Zealand, making contact with us daily now.

Everyone that we speak to has a similar story, and everyone thinks they are a fool for handing over their hard earned cash, for zero return, but when someone advertises what you want, and the industry standard is to pay up front for custom manufactured parts, you pay and expect to take delivery of your parts, unfortunately Dominik Bahn has already planned out what he will do when he gets your money, absolutely nothing, well we are about to change that with this post.

since our last blog, his bank account details have changed, he now has a new account, apparently the TAX office have claimed the account and all of its funds, allegedly.

Since our last blog post, we have heard from various people around the world, all with the same problem, ordered and paid for parts, waiting months and months for delivery, where parts do not arrive, Broemmler Motorsport in Germany for GTR Parts, Koala Furniture in Victoria for Porsche GT3 Parts, Modena Racing for Audi R8 Ultra parts, Stephen Bolton from New Zealand for Mercedes Engine parts, and this last week, Terry Home who has also been added to our long list of recent victims that have lost money dealing with Dominik Bahn and his company Carbostuff Engineering.

Dominik Bahn Daily Driver BMW 5  NMS CE99 Registration

If you add our funds along with what Amber Performance is still owed to the list above, it’s a lot of money, if you then add the other huge list of people over the last 2 years, and its beyond theft, or a scam, its fraud on a whopping scale.

As we stated in a blog post from our travels, to Neumunster Germany we found 2 addresses to be Fake, the third address is where the so called Carbostuff business is based and run from, we doubt you will find him there, and although you do have signs of life, with a post box wearing the company name, we didn’t seen anyone at these premises with our four day stay in a local hotel, but if you need to camp outside and wait, then the address details are below.

Carbostuff Engineering, c/o Rudolf-Diesel-Str, 7a 24536 Neumünster, Germany.

Since our last post we have also uncovered Dominik Bahn’s Home address details, which we are more than happy to share with our Motor Trade / Motorsport community, we are sharing because this is happening to more people than we currently know of, so if we can help other fellow petrolhead and enthusiast, then surely that’s a good thing.

Dominik Bahn, Holsatenring 3, 24539 Neumünster, Germany or we have Hermannus-Muller-Weg 1B Neumünster, Germany

These address have been confirmed by a customer that Knows all about Dominik and his whereabouts , he knows him extremely well, from their early days.

Please feel free to send us any information of your own loss, we are working with Peter Folster, from the German Crime Squad, and the more information we give him collectively the better, as we have said previously, this is a very serious fraudulent crime, Carbostuff are earning obscene amounts of money, scamming the enthusiast, its big theft, and it needs to be stopped.

More news has also surfaced over the last couple of weeks with regards Dominik Bahn, so I don't think there will be too much surprise that he is on probation for crimes of theft, for which he has served time in prison, we have the probation officers name that he has to report to.

as we have full details of his Probation helper, we would rather not publish online, but will be more than happy to refer you directly, if you get in touch with us.

Please circulate this blog post, as we may just stop this criminal once and for all.

Dominik Bahn Carbostuff Engineering


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