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New From AG Luxury Wheels, the AGL29 & AGL30, with concave Profile.

When new wheel designs hit the market, we are like little kids at Christmas, and just recently there hasn’t been anything to get excited over, well that was until the Luxury division of the Avant Garde factory (AG Wheels) decided to hit us with not one, but two new fresh wheel designs, and they are both absolutely stunning.

First up is the AGL29, with a little bit of inspiration coming from the old AC Schnitzer type 111, but with a more detailed spoke, centre bowl, it a stunning evolution of the original design, the wheel pictured is from the concave line up, with spec 2 profile.

AG Luxury Forged Wheel AGL-29 brushed spec 2 concave centre, with polished reversed rim

Second up if the AGL30, a new mesh design, and it’s a beauty, it’s a real fresh looking design, again this design shown in the spec 2 concave profile, with machined finish with matte brushed windows & outer reverse rim.

AG Luxury Forged Wheel AGL-30 brushed spec 2 concave centre, with matte brushed reversed rim

As with all the Avant Garde forged wheel range, there are a huge list of applications, sizes, widths and finishes, that you would expect from a custom build 1, 2 & 3 piece forged wheels, the options are endless, that are available from most applications, email us for more details

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