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Trafficstar STR Forged

As most people that follow our blog will know, we have been working with our good friends Amber Performance on the GTR wide body build, and it’s starting to gather a little bit of pace.

When Jason got hold of the authentic GT3 carbon Fibre aero kit, it was pretty badly damaged in some key areas, front bumper, rear bumper, front fenders, with one of the fenders also incorrect, but time is greatly on our side and this build is in no rush, whilst Lee Ayre at LA paints re constructs all of the panel work to their former glory.

Trafficstar STR  13x21 Forged

With any great build like this, it needs the perfect ingredients, and we have always said wheels maketh the car, and it doesn’t get any better than our selection for this build, the Trafficstar STR, it really is a beauty, and for this particular GTR GT3 build, we have gone for Matte Black centre, Gloss black inner barrel and outer reverse rim, with liquid bronze for the centre cap and hardware, which gives a little clue to the colour the GTR will be finished in.

More details will follow, as the build progresses, but for now why not indulge in these rather beautiful pictures of the 13x21 Trafficstar STR.


13x21 Forged 3 piece Trafficstar STR, Spec 2 profile, finished in matte black centre, gloss black inner barrel & reverse outer rim, with liquid bronze centre cap & hardware.

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