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Ford Fair Silverstone 2016

We may not have been at the Ford Fair show at Silverstone 2016 the past weekend, but our good friends JW Racing & Amber Performance were, showcasing some of the VAD products, particularly on their all new ford Focus RS MK3.

All of the demo cars have substantial mods, the Mustang we will cover in another post, as this is one eco tech Mustang that ticks all of the boxes.

JW Racing Mustang

The Focus RS MK3, they haven’t had long, but it hasn’t stopped Jason Hawes the proprietor, making some serious mods already, air box, remap, brakes, intercooler and other performance related goodies we will touch on in later posts, when we discuss the full BHP upgrade that JW Racing can offer, for the RS brigade.

For the show it was important to get the look of the car right, and Jason has worked wonders with his graphic design for the car, running from the front to the rear of the car, it really does stand out, and it’s given the RS a very racer look, which was the intention of course.

JW Racing Ford Focus RS

The wheels have been the next on the list for an upgrade, Jason did spec the car with the Ford Forged light weight wheel, but he always knew he would swap them, as we have been in discussions for a while, regarding, size, finish and design, and we had a few designs to choose from and as VAD work extremely closely with Avant Garde (ag wheels) , it was a no brainer, especially since the launch on the all new ART wheel design, which is short for Advanced Rim Technology, which is basically a flow formed cast wheel, which is as light and as strong as a forged wheel design, but less than half the cost.

With the wheel range chosen, it was time to look at the size, design and the finish, the size we chose to run was the 19”, so the standard tyres that came fitted to the Focus could be utilised, next up the hardest decision, choosing the design, we were torn with the M652 & M621, so Jason did the usual VAD trick and ran with a different design on one side of the car to the other, the M621 has been finished in brushed and silver, whilst the M652 has been finish in the Black and polished, we wanted the Anthracite, but unfortunately we didn’t have the time to wait for the wheels in this colour, but the overall look is just what the car needed, with both cars going down a storm at the show.

With lots further mods being discussed; we are looking forward to sharing the development of this awesome little beast.

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