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AG Luxury Wheels

With so many wheel forged wheel brands on the market, it's difficult for us as a company to keep track, so what it must be like for the customer that is in the market to make a purchase, must be a minefield.

We are very proud of the brands we have and sell, we have worked hard to get such a high quality selection, and we have had a few that we have dropped due to quality issues, not to mention lead times, with the homework we have done we are now after 15 years content with what we have, we have some of the best brands on the market, not just the brand name, but what makes up the brand, the quality, the lead times and the people that give the brand its life, with so many brands that don’t even manufacture, all of the work farmed out to unseen and unknown machine shops.

A fairly new line up is the AG Luxury range, the main brand Avant Garde isn’t new to the industry, they have been around for what seems like decades, but the Luxury line is just over 12 months old, all manufactured in-house at the Californian headquarters, and we are happy to say we have been with them from the start of this wonderful line up, to watch and help it grow, we still get excited selling this brand, there is always something new, something fresh, with the all new AGL 22 catching our eye, especially in 8 spoke configuration for the Rolls Royce, Wraith, Ghost, Phantom & Dawn which is then further enhanced with a machined OEM centre cap, it really is attention to the finest detail, the design is also available for other applications on request, we can just see this design on the all new Bentley Bentayga.

Rolls Royce Wraith, Ghost, Phantom

Rolls Royce Forged Wheel AGL22

Another added bonus with this particular line up is the adaptability of the range and the designs, with most applications catered for, but the huge selection of finishes, including the bespoke programme, for example the genuine carbon fibre outer rims, or the neo chrome parts, requests for the bespoke options are endless, also the applications, wheel size and widths, with the added bonus of having the 1 piece Monoblock forged, the 2 piece Duoblock forged & the 3 piece in standard and concave configuration.

For more details of the range, please perusal through at the full collection on our web page.!-ag-luxury-wheels-/ejbdi

Please contact the sales team with your enquiry, VAD is the exclusive dealer for the European & Australiasian markets for the Avant Garde & AG Luxury wheel brands.

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