This has been a long time coming but as they say perfection does take time and the finished product is pretty spectaular, it so different to any other spoiler available on the market and really suits the Supra oem lines as well as the Speedwells wide body, Iby certainly got the design process on point, its very well thought out and looks oem which is why we like this so much, less is more with this spoiler.

The design process on this spoiler goes back a few years in fact the concept first made its way onto Iby’s own Black Toyota Supra wide body back at the end of 2016, but at the time it needed a little bit of titivation to create the final production version and it was only recently during lockdown that the mould and the mock-up part was given the time needed to complete and get it ready for production and we are happy to confirm the part is finally here and ready to order.

Apart from the incredible looks, this exclusive ducktail boot spoiler uses the original Toyota Supra oem fixing points, so no need for any extra drilling, the part just needs to be painted to suit and fitted as you would the original supra rear wing.

Get in touch with us for more details on this new ducktail spoiler and the Speedwells wide body aero kit.

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We take very little notice to the statement “there are levels to this industry” as it mainly comes from people complementing their ego, we have no problem with people blowing their own trumpet as long as its in a dignified and classy and way, and when we talk of keeping it classy we only have to look at one of our wheel manufacturers Hyper Forged wheels Japan and their latest build project, Ferrari’s pinnacle the beautiful LaFerrari and this one is just absolutely sublime.

The La Ferrari is already stunning to look and to some it a pretty impossible task to enhance the look of this Italian thoroughbred, but not to Hyper Forged, they seem to take modifying these hyper cars in their stride, with this example being dressed in the all new HF LMC forged 3 piece wheel with Centre lock application in sizes and widths 10.5x20 front & 12.5x22 rear with concave profile, matt black finish to face and inner and outer rim halves with exposed hardware, wrapped in 285/25R20 & 335/25R22 Michelin tyres front and rear respectively, it certainly enhances this beauty with a race look and its one of if not the best converted La Ferrari we have seen to date.

For any details on this wheel build or any of the Hyper Forged Wheel range, get in touch with us for more details.

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With our Blue R56 Mini Cooper D sold to Dent Craft in Birmingham, we wasted no time at all replacing and we were extremly happy stumbling across a Mini Chassis we have been longing to convert for a while now, the rather epic R58 Coupe with the added bonus of it being the Cooper S version in black with all of the toys to include full black leather interior, this one really is a beauty and one we are happy to have in the stable.

With the car purchased the first thing on the list of things to do was to get rid of the rather terrible red stripes than run down either side of the bonnet as well as the lower full sides of the car including the doors, which makes a huge difference to the look, nothing but a clean fresh black paint, which will look better with what plans we have for this build.

Mini R58 Coupe Cooper S dressed in 25mm & 35mm flares with 9x17, 245/40r17 Wheels & Tyres

The first modification was to hit the chrome work and our boys at 1st Choice Tints give the chrome work a full detailed enhancement programme, to include a huge list of modifications they carry out if you want to tick every box they do, which we did apart from the wrapping service they offer, so let’s look at what is included in the full enhancement pack. The first thing to get done was the windows, with the back screen and rear side windows being hit with their 5% Global QDP tint and the front windows 50% Global QDP which gives the R58 a real menacing look, especially with the full de-chrome which includes belt line, front headlight surrounds, rear taillight surrounds, front grill surround, front wing Cooper S logos and the Mini badges have all been hit with the gloss black, with the front and rear lights, fogs and centre brake light all being smoke tinted for the full murdered out attire.

With the dechrome and tints taken care of it was time to hit the best part of the conversion and the part we have been looking forward to getting on with was fitting our extended arches with our all new ZF1 wheel design that is the exact width and correct offsets, our 25mm & 35mm flares and 9x17 ZF1 Anthracite wheels wrapped in 245/40R17 Hankook tyres, finished off with a coilover susension set up and the finished look is stunning, this really is how all R58 coupes should look.

For any enquiries on this conversion get in touch with us, we offer a drive in drive out fitting and painting service with wheels, tyres, suspension and of course our wonderful extended arches, which transfer the look of any mini.

With the huge sucess of our flares over the last 5 years for the Gen 2 Mini, it seemed like a natural progression to start the Gen 2 arche programe and we are happy to report the product will be available at the end of March 2021 with the order books filling up already, we are also absout to start working with a really cool R61 Paceman coupe 4x4 owner, as we are all excited by those flares come to market, and the base Paceman is already heavily modified sitting on a set of 19" Rotiform wheels and folloing that build we will start work on the Countryman R60 conversion, so our Mini Schedule is pretty much full on for 2021 and we cound not be happier.

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