We blogged about this build when it was first launched and apart from the RSR there are very few aero kits around for the Porsche 996 Carrera 2 chassis, Dom the owner of Miles Works Automotive decided he would change that and what a breath of fresh air its turned out to be, the Purists wouldn’t agree but Dom really doesn’t care and neither do we, as this is a build like no other and at over 7 feet wide at the business end this is a serious looking wide body 996 Porsche.

Over the months we have seen the changes being added month after month as the options for this kit expand, so what is new and what is included in the package, what we can say is we adore the optional extra GT race rear wing, it’s a fantastic £2000 addition and one we personally think that this conversion not on needs, it demands it.

The main body has stayed true to form, the chiselled purposeful front bumper is now finished off with the front splitter and soon to be added front race canards, which will finish off the front end, the front flares really do house some impressive width too in the form of 10x19 with a negative -08, clothed with 275/30R19 front tyres amazed they manage to contain the super aggressive offset, we love flow of the side skirt and the way they tie the wide front flares into the super aggressive even wider rear flares, yet it all looks so OEM race car, with the rear flares housing a 14x19 width wheel with a crazy negative -70 offset, they are smothered with 345/30R19, we thought our 997 R13 was wide but it has nothing on this 996 and the best bit is its all tastefully done, its super wide but nothing looks out of place, it just works and looks like the Porsche factory have built it to go racing at Lemans.

So now this stunning design is complete, Dom has been adding to the optional extras list and he now has 3 various rear wing assemblies, our personal favourite is the 993 GT2 evo inspired style set up with the super high blade that screams race car, just seems to suit the portions of the car really well and would be our choice when choosing from the options list.

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In the new year we will be teaming up with godzillady_ converting her rather luscious 2019 spec Nissan GTR into our all new carbon fibre wide body GT3, we already have the 2014 aero pack and it has been something we had considered for 2020, but we don’t really need to explain what happened, 2020 has been pretty much a right off for any new projects or builds with most of our plans getting shelved, including our dream Porsche 991 GT3R R16 build that we will pick back up in 2021, even if that’s the only build we do for ourselves in 2021, the R16 will be the one, but we hope to squeeze in the F-Type GT3 wide body too :-)

So with Kayleigh basically telling us she does not want to back date her 2019 GTR with a 2014 look " even if it a GT3" and let’s face it who can blame her, we have had to look at making a new front and rear bumper configuration for the new MY17 + GTR GT3 Street , but this is a topic we will discuss next year when we make a start on the project, as the reason for this blog is to announce that all the parts that will be coming off this beauty will be for sale.

When the build commences Kayleigh will have lots of oem parts up from grabs off her super fresh 2019 GTR and the following oem parts will be available to purchase.

Front bumper with splitter, front fenders, side skirts, rear bumper, rear boot spoiler and the bonnet,

So if you want to get your interest ready either get in touch with us or Kayleigh direct on her Instagram godzillady_ all we ask is please do not waste her time, and no low ballers, as you can see by the above images, this GTR is a prime 2019 oem Nissan, ... VAD

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It’s been a few weeks since we have been able to get back on to the finishing touches of the Z4, but this is a shop build so it takes the back seat on our day to day business, but perfection takes time, so we are happy to spare what we can when we can which is what is making it such an enjoyable build and with the weather changing it’s not like the car will be out and about any time soon as we have now locked it away for the Winter months.

Rear Wing fixings and quick release pins

These week has seen us find and locate a brand new front bumper grill which we are thrilled at so that is now on route to us, its also seen us mock up the rear wing which has been a challenge to get it mounted so the boot can still be used, as the race ring is chassis boot floor mounted which is what we didn’t want to do on our own build.

Rear wing Assembly Rear Bumper Grills

The rear wing as we have previously discussed is the rear deal Gen 2 Z4 GT3 which we can now produce for any further builds, its mounted using the BMW Z4 GT3 race hardware with the quick release pins so to put on and take off is pretty easy, which is why we wanted this set up so badly.

We get customers asking us why our conversion is more expensive than the other companies that also offer this conversion and our answer is very simple, attention to detail, we also offer parts that our competition doesn’t, we are the only company to offer finish bumper grills front and rear with stainless hardware, dual blade rear wing with quick release pins with our conversion for the track or the street, plus the fact we have actually built a street car, so we are not just advertising the parts on a webpage without a clue how to fit them.

Over the winter months we will be releasing more images of the progress along with some video footage so you get to finally hear this beauty on start up.

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