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Porsche 991 GT3R R16 Street

Its been a while since we have updated the blog, with so much going on there is just not enough hours in the day as well as people, we are pulling some serious hours on some amazing projects.

Back in July we did a post on a build our Partner in the Philippines was doing, our Porsche 991 R16 Evo GT3R carbon fibre aero kit, Angie Mead King AKA Car Porn Racing doesn’t really need much in the way of introduction as she is a formidable car modifier who is known globally throughout the scene and Angie has finally finished the build.

Porsche 991 GT3R Street Build
Porsche 991 GT3R R16 Street

Considering Angie used the 991 GT3 RS as the base car for this conversion rather than a none turbo wide body Porsche chassis is extremely commendable, we know just how difficult this conversion is when fitting a kit to a chassis it wasn’t really intended for and the overall look of the finished car is simply breath-taking, especially around the rear quarter panels where Angie and her wonderful team have cut in the side air intakes back into the kit that did have the intakes, this is a part that we will be adding to the kit over the next few months but Angie beat us to it using her modification skillset, so happy to have this lady as part of the extended VAD family of dealers, well done Angie you did us proud, now all that is left to do is paint or wrap the beauty. #PorscheRacing #porsche991 #Porsche991GT3R #991GT3R #porsche991gt3r #GT3PORSCHE #PorscheTurboWideBody #PorscheTurboR #Turbor #Porsche991CUP #Carbonfibre #PorscheAeroParts #PorscheCarbonFibre


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