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FOM Performance Wheels

We have finally got round to adding the FOM Performance range of forged 3 piece wheels to our website, we have been meaning to get this up online for so long with time being the main hold up along with waiting on some decent imagery to display the product, but as they say perfection takes time.

FOM Forged Super 6
FOM Performance 3 piece Forged Wheels

FOM Performance wheels are a European based manufacturer so that was a huge plus point for wanting to partner with them, another was the fact they manufacture in-house, which is another huge plus as the lead times are slashed by comparison to the competition, especially with 3 piece wheel manufacturing which can run into 6 and 8 weeks, some cases even longer, and that’s the beauty of this range of wheels, not only are the designs fantastic but the lead time and price is also part of the winning ingredient of custom manufactured 3 piece wheels.

As with any 3 piece wheel manufacturer a mixture of good designs, finishes and applications are key to a successful brand and FOM do not disappoint, with most vehicles being catered for to include one off bespoke applications and various centre locks that are on the open market, all the designs start at 17" size from a 6" width up to a 13" and plus widths, they also offer 18" 19" and 20" in the same widths and applications with a huge range of finishes, they pretty much have every design to suit all tastes, flat or concave centre profiles with reverse or stepped outer lip options.



One of our favourite designs is the Weave, and old school style mesh wheel, and we are quite partial to a mesh design, especially when it looks this good, so we are pretty please that the all new Speedwells 280ZX V8 Turbo will be wearing this design in 17" and 18" configuration, and the build spec is pretty epic reading with a 9x17 up front and a 12x18 sitting at the rear with some huge negative offsets and extremely large outer rims, it’s a build we have been craving to see finish ever since our good friend Iby started it.

For more details on price, design, lead time and what we can offer you with the unique range of FOM Forged wheels get in touch with the VAD team, we are ready and waiting to enhance your build.


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