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Elephant Racing

We are always on the lookout for high quality parts or products, not just to sell but to fit to our own demo vehicles, so finding and securing another great product always a good feeling.

When our good friend Iby was putting his 997 Turbo-R together, it was apparent when the kit was in mock up stage and the wheels were on that the suspension side of the conversion needed a little bit of tinkering, as the stock caster control arms, drop links & tie rods would just not work with this conversion, through our contacts we managed to source the genuine GT3R / RSR motorsport race parts to set up the suspension and wheels to perfection.

The problem here is, not only are these parts rare but they are also extremely expensive especially now for the 997 chassis, but we now have a great solution moving forward with our GT3R conversions for the Porsche 997 & 991 chassis and our R aero upgrade, enter Elephant Racing.

This company offer every adjustable suspension part for most Porsche models, so this makes our conversion life so much easier, the parts are available for stock oem body or our RSR / GT3R wide body aero conversions, so if you have a Porsche and fancy the ultimate adjustable suspension components get in touch for further details, this set up added to our JRZ Coilover suspension and magnesium wheels are a pretty mouth watering thought.


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