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DuelL AG for the UK Market

For those who haven’t heard of the name DuelL AG this brand is the Connoisseur of the Mini aero world and for those that know the brand name you already know how important they are to the world of Mini, so for those of you that don’t know of this incredible brand let us explain who they are.

Based in Nagoya-City the brand was launched in 2006, starting with enhancing the Gen 1 Mini, building some absolute world class exterior upgrades and tuning, it wasn’t long before they turned their attention to the Gen 2 with so many chassis variants it was hard to keep up with their aero enhancement programme as they catered for the R56 Hatch, R55 Clubman, R57 Cabriolet, R58 Coupe & the R59 Coupe Cabriolet, you name it they produced it from full aero kits to various splitters, diffusers with complete bespoke interiors, all parts that improve the looks of the standard Mini, one R conversion they have produced which is a real looker is as full aero pack for the R60 Countryman which we love and we will build eventually as a company demo.


With any high quality aftermarket tuner who base their business on one brand its always important to enhance and work on the current chassis and with DuelL AG it no different, it’s been not only intriguing but exciting to see their take on the Gen 3 F series and they haven’t disappointed, for us they have produced some of the best looking Gen 3 conversions the market has to offer, if not the best, showing the Mini brand how it’s done, their body kits, components and accessories are made to fit like the OEM factory parts, which makes them incredibly natural feeling once painted and installed, like they left the factory that way, like a real enhanced factory version, which is a credit to the company and what they are doing.


Even though we are late to the Duell AG party we feel very privileged to be a part of their future, the Gen 3 is already a huge part of the VAD and Mini Flares market, so just imagine this, our wide flares on a Gen 3 hatch with the Krone Edition V3.22 JCW Front Bumper, vented bonnet sitting on our signature 9.5x18 and 10.5x18 flow formed wheels lowered on H&R Suspension, the ingredients for the ultimate Gen 3 that we really need to build, just need to find the Mini chassis for the complete overhaul, watch this space.



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