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Diamond Cutting at Speedwells Refinishers

There are a few alloy wheel refurbishing companies in and around the Birmingham area, some good (ish), some not so good and some not even worth a mention, it’s a classic case of you get what you pay for in this particular field, we personally as a company recommend and use Speedwells Refinishers based Speedwell Road Birmingham, some of their competition state VAD only showing Speedwell loyalty because of our business links and the fact the two owners are good friends and although that is true VAD as a brand only work with the very best in their field, so if we are working closely with a company you can rest assured they are the best at what they do and Speedwells are no different to any other company we are associated with, quality means everything to our brand, and Speedwells share the same business ethics and values, if they didn't we wouldn't work with them.


Now we have that out of the way, let’s get down to the reason of this post as its pretty exciting news for not only Iby and his company, but also for the new as well as the huge reapeat in customer business that use his services week in week out.

When you take a wheel into Speedwells to get refinished, everything apart from the stripping of the old original paint is done in house, the diamond cutting was also a process that was outsourced, but in the run up to the festive period December 2019 that all changed with the install of a brand new diamond cutting machine.

Speedwells has expanded nicely over the last 10 years of business so adding the final piece of the jigsaw installing an in-house diamond cutting machine was a no brainer, it has been on the cards for a long time, but Iby was merely waiting for the right time as well as it making financial sense, with his aim for the start of 2020 to be completely self-contained, and with the powder coat paint line being a work of art, the diamond cutting has only improved on the high quality setup, with the Speedwells quality being better maintained, especially when you don’t have the need to outsource a service.

We are excited to see this part of the business grow for him as it’s a service we use a lot, and the quality of work that is coming out of the Speedwells HQ over the last few years is mind blowing, this is merely an enhancement on the current set up, he may well have competition but his work ethic and standards are the benchmark, he is definitely leading his field, everyone else is just playing … don’t believe us, hit him up and tell him VAD sent you, will not be disappointed.


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