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BMW Z4 (E89) GT3 V8 road car

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Our BMW Z4 GT3 V8 took another step towards completion with the guys over at Next Level Automotive laying down the paint this last weekend, they were extremely secretive and then decided to video call us for our reaction of the freshly painted car, and we can honest say it’s turned out better than we had ever anticipated, it really blew us away. Only last week we were discussing the fact the car was about to go to the next stage and how we had turned the corner after deciding to work with our European Partners Next Level as when we were building in the UK it just stagnated, a none starter for one reason or another, we have our theory and reasons why the build didn’t get started and the company in question have theirs, unfortunately we will never agree with what we were told, we have decided not to give the subject any further airtime, as it’s just not worth the effort, we were warned well before we decided to take the Z4 there by various people, but we decided to ignore, so we only have ourselves to blame, so we move on and it’s another lesson learned, the good thing is we don’t have to work with them again now or in the foreseeable future, so that’s a blessing.

So back to our Z4 GT3 V8 build and the fact we are not too far away from actually driving this beauty on the open UK roads, it’s been a lot longer than anticipated but looking at the build and where it is, the wait has been worth it.

We still have lots to do, like set up the bespoke coilover conversion that Bilstein supplied us, and set the ride height, as well as fit the huge rear diffuser and front and rear bumper mesh, which will finish off and tidy up the bumper openings. We also have to fit our authentic Z4 GT3 double blade rear wing assembly which we are really looking forward to as that really does complete the overall look of the car, and its well needed, and then its back to our good friends Dynotorque, our engine installers.

The last upgrade will be the wheels, the design we have chosen will be the RS5 from our wheel partner Litespeed racing, with a couple of decisions still need to be made, one being forged magnesium of forged aluminium and also the colour. We had chosen the matte and gloss black, but so many of you requesting we fit the bronze wheel set up on our white beauty, we are a little bit torn, do we play safe with black or go all out and go with the bronze.

We couldn’t have achieved this dream without a few people and at the end of the build they will all be thanked personally to include a decal on the cars launch, its not too much longer before our first of its kind hits the street.



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