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Global Time Attack Buttonwillow Raceway

The 8th & 9th of November will be a couple of days we remember quite fondly, as two builds that we have collaborated on took to the track in anger and we are pleased to say they did pretty well.

We have discussed David Haagsma on a few our our blog posts over the past few months as we have been watching his GTR come to life, Scott over at Sicchops being the man responsible for updating the look for the 2018 season fitting our aero kit and totally transforming the look, and with David's finishing touches we couldn't wait for him to hit the track and he didn't disappoint.

Considering its a new look its also a new set up, same amazing engine spec built by the GTR gurus SP Engineering, but a new JRZ suspension set up, along with new RPS Carbon brakes, and other bits of carbon aero to enhance the wider look David came 4th overall in the Super Battle class, and considering there is over 80 cars, thats pretty impressive, we are really looking forward to seeing the car back out in February 2019 next year when it competes at Circuit of the Americans ( COTA)

David Haagsma Nissan GTR GT3, 4th overall at Buttonwillow Raceway

Another one of collaborations to hit the track which we must admit came as a bit of a surprise, albeit a nice one, the Sleepers Speed Shop Porsche 997 GT3R belonging to Chad Kobayashi, being driving at Buttonwillow by Tommy Contino, who managed a very respectable 7th in class.

We supplied the aero kit for this particular build back in January 2017, and its one we are quite fond of, the fact that we got to work with Len Higa the owner of Sleeper Speed Shop in California was a big pull for us as the company just ooze quality, and the fact that Len is so highly respected, so its always going to be a very special Porsche to us, the fact that Chad has just the very best in the way of parts on this 997 Turbo-R its the pinnacle.

Porsche 997 GT3 R Bi-Turbo Sleepers Speed Shop

Sleepers Speed Shop Porsche 997 GT3R Bi-Turbo, Buttonwillow Raceway November 2018

Rear Shot of the R aero clad Porsche 997 Turbo, Sleepers Speed Shop

Front of the R aero clad Porsche 997 Turbo, Sleepers Speed Shop

We offer these aero kits for both the Nissan GTR and the Porsche 997 Chassis in various engine configurations, the 997R styling kit is only available in light weight carbon fibre, where as the Nissan GTR aero kit we manufacture in carbon fibre and also GRP, although our GRP is a woven cloth over the old school matt strand, so still a light weight and super strong product without the premium price of carbon.

Our parts for these conversions are extensive, we have our own JRZ or Bilstein suspension that is built to our own specification, big brake upgrades for the serious HP hunters as well as custom exhausts, which includes full bespoke inconel systems, wheels are another product we offer with forged aluminium, forged magnesium, with a magnesium and carbon fibre hybrid wheel also available for the customers looking for the pinnacle super light weight wheel product.

Get in touch with us if you like the look of any of these conversions for road or track use, we can supply all the parts to build as well get these cars put together, we work with a highly skilled teams that love nothing more than building these stunning creations.

For the UK market we have the Speedwells 997 Turbo-R thats under going some serious modification to not only the colour change but the power output too, so thats one to watch out for early next next, and we are also looking to get our own BMW Z4 GT3 V8 back on track, watch this space.

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