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David Haagsma, Global Time Attack GTR

A few months back we sent David Haagsma our full carbon GTR Ichiban aero kit as he had decided he wanted to upgrade the stock OEM look, it had all the go as he has been running the SP Engineering SPE800 tuning pack to devastating effect, well he is the consecutive GTA Time Attack champion, so with SP building the heart beat and brawn to this GTR, it was time for us to supply the carbon goodness.

SP Engineering Nissan GTR GT3

With the kit in David's possession at the beginning of the year it was time to deliver the car with all the parts to Scott Laitinen the owner of SicChops, and looking at Scott's work we can see why, his builds are just another level and seeing how the GTR turned out need we say more.

There is a lot of work involved getting these conversions to look how they should, with lots of fabrication needed, but the finished look is well worth all the effort, as David's finished GTR looks absolutely amazing, with some real neat touches from RHR Performance hood vents and the stunning functional rear diffuser, APR Performance rear wing assembly.

The car is now back at SP Engineering for some more updates, with widefab providing some of the suspension and chassis components and JRZ supplying the custom coilover suspension set up, all being fitted and tuned by the talented SP crew.

This is one build we have been really pleased to be involved with, David has used the best in the business to build this car and they haven't disappointed, the final touch which we absolutely love is the wrap of matt black with red detail which really do love, it just completes the look, especially with the 18" forged wheels and slick set up, with this GTR overhaul completed we just cant wait until it hits the track.

Big thank you to David for his custom, to SicChops for an amazing build, APR and RHR Performance for working in harmony with our carbon wide body, JRZ and Widefab for the suspension and to the SP Engineering crew who look after the power and the handling of this epic machine, we have been a keen follower of all their work for a while now, so its been great collaborating with them on this build.

David Haagsma SP Engineering SPE800 Nissan Ichiban GTR

David Haagsma SP Engineering SPE800 Nissan Ichiban GTR

Click the link blow to view our Nissan GTR wide body carbon fibre aero parts

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