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NEW & OLD Japan Slant Nose 997

Our trip to Tokyo Auto Salon 2017 has been a huge success, and we are happy to have found some new friends to work with along with some fantastic products.

The first product that we would like to showcase is the aero kit for the 997 from the company Old & New based in Hiroshima Japan, if you don’t know about their stunning slant nose conversion for the Porsche 997, then you have been living under a rock, the car was launched over at the SEMA show at the end of 2016 and went down an absolute storm, and seeing it up close and personal for the very first time, we can see why.

The car was on display at the spectra chrome booth, and when we eventually got to see the car, we analysed every inch in detail and we can confirm’s a beauty, I will admit that there are a few things we would like to add, and a bit we would like to modify, but when someone has made a design and wants to work with you, you can’t really start making changes, so the car we will build this year will be the official aero kit, with no changes or additions, apart from our own wheel choice, as that’s one area we feel needs a Old-New design, so we are now working on our own wheel design to run specifically with this conversion.

The owner Shuichi Nakagawa is a passionate and infectious person to be around, when he heard us introduce ourselves, he pulled out his phone and showed us our own Porsche 997 GT3R aero, certainly a man with his finger on the pulse, he said he loved what we do, so a collaboration from the moment we met was inevitable.

The aero kit comprises of the following parts, and they leave nothing out for this 935 inspired slate nose conversion.

OLD & NEW Japan Slant Nose Porsche 997

Front Bumper, Front Lip Spoiler, Front Vented Wider Fenders, Side Skirts, Rear Over Fenders, Rear Bumper, Rear Engine cover with Rear Wing, Fuel Filler Cap, Driving light Covers, Front Lights, DRLS Lights, Cup Style Door Mirrors, with an exhaust system to follow.

Option extras, will include coilover suspension, stainless exhaust system, Forged 3 piece wheels in either 19” or 20” sizes with various widths available depending on tyres size and suspension upgrades.

VAD is the Authorised European dealer for the NEW&OLD Japan brand, so email us with your requirements, can be supplied in kit form, or we offer a full fitting and painting service, contact us with your requirements.

OLD AND NEW JAPAN SEMA 2016 Build / Pictures by #Larry Chen #Speedhunters

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