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BMW (E89) Z4 GT3 V8

It's been in the planning stages for a while, but with other commitments on other projects its had to take a back shelf, and it’s always last on the list for any company demonstration vehicle, and this is some build that the guys over at Aspect GT are taking on, it one pretty awesome project, and one we are looking forward at following.

One of the main plans for this build apart from the carbon wide body, is to ditch the BMW 3.0 straight six engine and install a mighty thumping V8, so it will have the grunt and the burble to go with those muscular looks of the GT3 Style aero pack the Aspect boys are fitting.

Now this is the part the BMW Purists wont like, its won’t be the BMW V8 that sits in the M5 or the M3, but the LS3, possibly the LS7 is the budget will stretch to it, and although it won’t be a popular engine conversion for some, it’s sure to turn heads, i know it’s one conversion we can’t wait to see, still a lot of work to do, and the Aspect boys keeping the colour, final engine, wheel & suspension spec very close to their chest, we will keep you posted on developments as they happen.

Check out the AspectGT boys, they have some incredible builds happening in 2016.

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