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We have been compelled to write yet another post regarding Dominik Bahn and his terrible company Carbostuff Engineering, as over the last few months we have been inundated with people globally losing money to this thief, sending him money and not receiving what they have paid for.

The last 8 months we have seen a huge surge of people get in touch after reading our previous posts about Dominik Bahn and his company Carbostuff, albeit after they have already sent money without receiving anything but an invoice and banking details from his new bank that now happens to be located in Holland, although he is based in Germany, he has also used a UK bank as well as 2 or 3 German Banks, but his latest bank details are the Netherlands.

Everyone that has got in touch with us has the same story, they make contact, he is very accommodating, price is confirmed which is usually a price that people cannot resist, it’s cheap because he doesn’t have what you ordered, so it is not going to be sent, he gets free money, after a few months of being chased for orders and parts that have been paid for, it’s time to disappear block you so everyone stops getting any correspondence, they then get blocked on what’s app, mobile telephone and all social media outlets, it’s a tried and tested formula that has worked for him since 2014.

They say what goes around comes around, and after 7 years of ripping off the Tuning & Motorsport communities it can’t come quick enough, we just hope the comeuppance is sooner rather than later and is extremely painful.

Stay vigilant and do your due diligence, any compnay that lives in one country but has a bank account in another and works from a mobile phone should sound alarm bells.


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