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Speedwells Datsun 280ZX V8 Turbo Build

We can honestly say we have no idea where Iby gets time to work on his projects as well as the hectic workload of working life, with the Porsche Turbo R undergoing some serious engine modifications which should see it pushing out the best part of 700bhp + with the new Turbo & ECU upgrade not to mention all of the other goodies the engine has been treated too, it should now have the huge performance to match those aggressive but stunning looks, let’s face it the 997 Turbo in factory form isn't slow by any means, so just imagine with an extra 200 + HP, this is going to be one incredibly brutal Porsche 997.

To complete the rest of the upgrades, with a fresh enhancement to the suspension being completed, with a bespoke set of Bilstein PSS10 coilovers that have been built to GT3R specification, such a fantastic addition to how this 997 will look & drive, all being well it should be sitting on the Bilstein stand at the Performance show at the NEC Birmingham in January 2019, so if you haven’t seen this car in up close and personal we strongly suggest you head to the show, it will be worth it just to see this beauty.

Not content with one project car on the go Iby also has the Datsun 280ZX and a few months back we did a blog post on the start of the build, and we are happy to report it has progressed a little further, it has sat around for a while whist the GT3R has got most of the attention, but with a slot booked in at Perfection Midlands body shop, the ZX was treated to some extremely sexy paint work.

The interior of the shell was treated to some matte black, with a nice contrasting gloss red on the roll bar, it’s a combo that looks amazing against the all new pearl white paint work which has been lavished on the external panels, and believe us when we say pictures don’t do this finish any justice.

With the Datsun painted the next job will be to treat the underside of the shell to some extra protection and then Iby can start to add the suspension set up and get the Lexus V8 Turbo engine sitting where it should be, as well as fixing the extended riveted over fenders in place, after they have had their coat of gloss black paint.

Its great seeing this build take some shape, and we will of course be sharing the build progress over the coming months, this is going to be one serious looking Datsun, with form and function.



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