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Porsche Cayman RSR Evo

Our Porsche RSR wide body programme for the 981 chassis has been a huge success globally, it’s always been quite a unique aero packed, as we adapted certain parts from other Porsche models, with the front flares being borrowed from the 991 Cup R programme whilst also using the 991 GT3R rear bumper and diffuser set up whilst making a set of rear quarter panel extensions and a wide set of 991 RSR side sills, with a GT4 front bumper with the complete package transforming the look of the basic 981 chassis into a wide body beauty, but now it’s time for a slight upgrade and we have now decided to launch the RSR Evo, with a serious update for the front end in particular.


So what does the Evolution upgraded package consist of and when you ask is it available.

well its available now and it consists of a full 991 R16 Evolution GT3R upgrade fro the front end as we make the R16 parts for the 991 is was only a matter of time before we brought the 2 looks together, so all of the R16 front parts which includes the front bumper with the grills and canards, front floor and integrated front splitter, front fenders with the top GT3R Vents, as well as the front dual vented Evo boot lid that we have modified to be fitted to all of our road going builds, this front end along with our RSR styled side skirts and wide rear end make for one very special looking road car, our own build will have a road going LSX Performance built KR-LS7 V8 that will sit alongside our Porsche 997 R13 KR-LS7.

For the suspension we only work with the best, which is Nitron, wheels will be built buy our aero partners GT3RR with the stunning F1 wheel design making its way onto this build.

The aero is available now and is only available in raw carbon fibre, get in touch with us for further details


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