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Mini F56 JCW Wide

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Well we can honestly say the wait has been well worth it and we are so happy to finally release our all new Mini F56 JCW and this is a very special build as we have added everything you possibly want in an overhaul.

It’s taken us about 12 months to find the right F series JCW as most had either a bad spec, to many miles, to many owners or just over the top expensive, but luckily our patience paid off and we found a little beauty.

Base colour is Thunder grey which we absolutely love, but unfortunately it has the rather terrible red roof, mirrors, grill surrounds and side logs, which is the only part of the standard car we dislike.


The good thing is we had a plan to get rid of all the red, the thing is we didn’t stop at the red, we decided to wrap the complete car and the main reason for that was because we hadn’t got the Matt Black out of our system from our last Cooper SD build and we wanted to protect the immaculate paintwork, so decided that we would kill two birds with one stone and also have a matt black flared JCW which is the first of its kind in Europe.

With the flares fitted and the matt black wrap applied by the amazing talents of our in-house specialist Wayne from Smiffy’s UK it was time to choose a wheel and we wanted a wheel that would not only fit he flares to perfection but also a nice deep concave front and rear which wasn’t available, let’s just say we found the perfect design and made it fit our specification an application and this wheel will be available in our F series drive in drive out programme, these are sized at 9.5x18 & 10.5x18 fitted with Yokohama 245/35r18 front and 255/35r18 rear which fill out the flares to absolute perfection.

Smiffy’s further enhanced this build with their black pack de-chrome for the, beltline, front and rear light bezels, and carbon front and rear number plate plinths and JCW front rear and side badges all wrapped in carbon, with our signature rear union jack black and smoke rear LED lights.

These isn’t much left to do on this build for the outside apart from fit the rear high level wing that we have been working on and then switch our attention to the interior which we will add our carbon seats and our rear seat delete, so keep tuning in for the upgrades on this rather special JCW.



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