F56 /F57 Gen 3 Mini Flares are here.

hey do say better late than never, as well as our own saying that perfection takes time and these Gen 3 Mini flares most definitely fall in to that category and boy oh boy have they been worth the wait time.

Due to the huge success of our Gen 2 flares it was only a matter of time that we would launch a flare set for the Generation 3 chassis and with looking what is on the market we are extremely glad we did, with our signature look now ready for all the F56 & F57 Gen 3 chassis.

The great thing about the Gen 3 is there is no cutting of the OEM metalwork like there is on the Gen 2 chassis, if the conversion is done sensibly like our own demo Cooper D Hatch, the new flares have to be bonded on as you can get behind the fixing points like you can with the Gen 2, so it’s a simple case of bonding and clamping each flare.

We fitted H&R 35mm lowering springs with some 9.5x18 3SDM wheels, wrapped in 245/35R18 & 255/35R18 Nankang tyres and all we had to do was roll the rear metal work slightly so there is no scrub on the 255 rear tyres and the overall finished look is pretty stunning, this look will just never get old, and just gives the new Gen 3 the look it needs.

For the customers looking to track and get the most out of the wheel fitment with these flares, you can fit up to a 9.5” wheel with a +10 offset for the front and a 10x18 wheel with a +10 on the rear with 245/35 & 265/35 tyres front and rear to suit, It’s amazing how these wider flares transfer the look of your basic Gen 3 Mini.

Next up we plan on tooling up for the Mini R60 Countryman and the R61 Paceman, as these doesn’t seem to be anything available for these 2 Mini Chassis, we plan on changing that.

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