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EvoCorse Sanremo Zero

Since the launch of our R56, R57, R58 & R59 extended 25 mm and 35 mm wheel arch flares in 2018 we have been on the lookout for a 1 piece cast wheel that would be a suitable width and offset without the use of spacers, sounds easy right, but it’s been a painstakingly frustrating search speaking to various wholesalers and manufactures far and wide, we came across a lovely wheel design from a compnay in Germany, but we had to order 48 wheels on order pay up front and wait 4 months, as nice as the wheel was a four month lead time sounded very much like it was sourced and manufactured in China, so it was back to the drawing board, Klutch wheels have a beautiful design, but limited stock was a problem, we source and supply AME Shallen wheels but customers do not want 2 piece wheels due to the high cost restraints of multipice wheels.

With options limited we spoke to various UK 1 piece cast wheel specialists, to say that was a bit of a waste of time is an understatement, every wheel we liked was overpriced and Chinese produced, which seems to be the normal UK practise with 1 piece cast wheel designs, but that all changed on our visit to the Performance Car Show at the NEC in Birmingham on trade day... enter the Italian wheel manufacturing maestros EvoCorse.


We are thrilled to of now sourced the perfect light weight 1 piece cast wheel for our Mini conversion, but also teaming up with the legendary company like EvoCorse, offering a super high quality wheel now available to our customers, which we can now offer globally.

So why have we had such a headache trying to find a wheel that works with our extended fender mini conversions, the main reason is the width of wheel as well as the required offset to suit, as the one thing we do not want is to fit spacers, so we need a 9x17 with a +10 to +15 offset and although one piece wheels are the most popular withing the wheel industry the width and offset we need in our 4x100 PCD just doesn’t exist, but thanks to EvoCorse, they have made our dream a reality.


The EvoCorse Sanremo Zero wheel is a 12 spoke design with a concave profile, which is available in our desired 9” width and a selection of offsets from +6 to +48 so is the perfect wheel to fine tune the offsets we need front to rear for our conversion, weight of the wheels is 9 to 9.5 KG depending on the offset chosen, the standard colours are White and Black, with Silver, Anthracite and Gold also available on request.

All of our Mini builds will be fitted exclusively with the EvoCorse wheel design and be wrapped in Nankang 255/40R17 NS2R, our tyre partner for various conversions we offer, get in touch with us for further details on our awesome Mini products


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