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Porsche 997 R13 GT3R

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

As our product line expands so does our customer base, with our parts being exported all over the world, and with that export we get to work with some fantastic people supplying our parts for their vision and build.

Our latest collaboration has been on a 997 GT3R build of Christopher Goode, based in New Jersey USA and this is the third incarnation, and whilst we adored the version two, this is just another level.

The second generation of the car was a personal favourite of ours with its GT3R R12 body work and Red Bull livery it was a little bit special, but after a crash it was time for Christopher to raise his game and boy did he raise it several levels.

The front end need to be completely replaced so we made a complete R13 front end comprising of the front bumper, front fenders, front floor and front splitter, with the bumper canards and grill set finishing off the small details.

Christopher then made his own side skirts to tie in the all new R13 front end into the rear R12 rear over fenders and all new rear bumper design, rear diffuser and race wing, it all makes for one very aggressive looking road racer.

With every new look needs a new colour, with white being Christopher’s desired choice, and it works so well on this build all finished off with an incredible interior to match.

This is one build we have known about and discussed for a while, and its one we are really happy to of been involved with, this is one 997 that will grab all the attention where ever it goes.

Christopher Goode Porsche 997 R13 GT3R

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