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2019 Players Classic show, at the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Another year another Players classic show at the beautiful Goodwood Motor Circuit down in Chichester and we have to say they never fail to impress with the wonderful selection of cars they have on display, which is organise year in year out and this year was no different.

A Shell V-power drink for the 700hp Speedwells Porsche 997 Turbo-R

As we did last year we headed down to the show with our brother from another mother Iby in the blindingly fast Speedwells 997 Turbo-R only this time with its new look and with some serious power upgrades, 700 + BHP to be more precise, it’s absolutely immense, we got there a little late with the show in full flow but with the prime spot on the Bilstein stand just waiting for the Turbo-R to arrive.

Speedwells Porsche 997 GT3R Turbo, on the Bilstein UK stand

If you haven’t been to the show we can strongly suggest you do, as you have every car you can think of on display, full range of Fords, VW, Japanese sports cars, old classics, hot rods, you name it, its on display, split over various fields, pits lanes and enclosures, it really is a great place for a car show, people seem to come from all over Europe to have their vehicle on show at one of the best modified car gatherings in the UK.

On the Saturday the track is open with a full range of various marquees hitting the tarmac from super quick old classic Cosworth tuned RS Escort’s, to a range of super modern sports cars like the McLaren 570, BMW M3 and Mercedes AMG all in full song, it’s a sight to behold, especially when you see the Escorts RS brigade seem to be a lot quicker than most, the noise is intoxicating.

We had a couple of personal favourites on display this year with the McLaren MP4-12C displayed on the Auto Finesse stand that was tastefully modified, lowered onto a set of BBS LM’S and the MMR full race BMW Z4 GT3 which was pretty spectaular, sat a little high for our liking, but what an absolute beast of a car, makes us really excited as our own Z4 GT3 V8 project is almost ready to hit the streets, it was great to get up close and personal which such an epic car.

Its great to see so many hight quality japanese cars also in attendance, Supras, RX7, Nissan GTR's, with the R32 and R33 our personal favourites, but the one that had us hooked was the Datsun 260Z with the fat flares, dished steels and rat look body, this is the one we wanted to take home.

Datsun 260Z

Huge selection of modified cars on display, here are just a few pictures of the hundreds we took over the two days.

Each year this show seems to get better and better, roll on 2020, as we will have not one but two amazing cars on display.

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