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VAD goes Next Level

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

So finally it’s time to get back on to our BMW Z4 GT3 V8 project after being neglected for the last 18 months, due to various issues, time, finances and generally getting involved with the wrong companies to complete the work on the build, which all have stated could be done easily and have taken the job on to complete, I don’t want to turn this post sour as that’s not what im about personally, we live and we learn and unfortunately I still take people at face value, VAD is a pretty old school company with good old fashion values with good buisness eithics, but im a realist and know that people are not all the same, the fact the car has been in two company’s hands and both have been a complete disgrace as far as im concerned, but i would rather say no more on the subject and yet again put it down to experience and move on which is exactly what I have done.

VAD BMW Z4 GT3 LS3 V8 Under Construction

So the car is now residing at our European Partners, Next Level Automotive and what a difference already, to say they were excited is a real understaement and that then excits me, to see two guys with so much passion telling me its going to be an awesome build is just what i want to hear, and from the feedback so far the work is pretty straight forward, just as it should be when your a professional within your trade, within half a day of the car being there, they have a plan already in place for the build, i guess when you know what your doing its fairly straight forward, so many people in the industry living off media bullshit, I will never really understand why anyone would take on a job that they simply couldn’t do, or its out of their depth.

The first job has been to mock up the kit, the front end is already fitted but doed need a bit of work to make the fitment perfect, there is quite a lot to repair, as we have some damaged carbon parts, what cant be fixed will be remade, then its into paint, and this is another place where Jan can show his skill set.

VAD BMW Z4 GT3 LS3 V8 Residing at Next Level Automotive

when the car is returned we can turn our attention to the new GT3RR F1 forged wheel centres, we are so excited to get the new centres fitted, then we will have to fit the custom made Bilstein Coilover suspension we are having done for this particular conversion and then fit the authentic GT3 twin blade rear wing assembly along with meshing all of the grills in the front and rear bumpers, for the rear bumper we have managed to source a twin grill set from our friend Frank Capo from Modena Engineering Victoria, Melbourne Australia, luckily we have contacts from all over the world that are always ready to help and assist, a good healthy global network is worth its weight in gold as you get to work and collaborate with some wonderful company’s.

Summer cannot come any sooner for me as I finally get to have the VAD Z4 GT3 V8 Demo out on the road, hitting as many shows as I can possibly get to, 2019 just got a whole lot better, thanks to the Next Level Automotive crew.

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