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Magnesium Forged Wheels

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Our magnesium forged wheel designs are growing at a very fast rate, as demand intensifies for the super lightweight forged material, manufactured and available for road or track applications.

So why are magnesium wheels in such demand, well for a couple of stand out reasons, the strength of the material being one as well as the weight of the product, this along with the reduced unsprung weight is also a huge benefit, with so many more advantages.

They are good at dissipating the energy of vibrations, magnesium wheels improve acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle, as the mass of the car and moment of inertia of the wheels is also reduced, tyre and suspension component wear is also drastically reduced, along with braking distances, the benefits of magnesium are endless, with the only negative side being the slightly higher price over a forged aluminium alternative.

Litespeed racing RS5 Forged Magnesium Monoblock wheel design

The Litespeed RS5 wheel above is the latest magnesium wheel design to be launched for road or track applications, shown with here in its 1 Piece Monoblock centre lock configuration for the Amazing Porsche 991.2 GT3-RS, with its 9.5x20 front and 12.5x21 rear set-up, machined perfectly to house the original specially produced Michelin Sports Cup 2 tyres.

The RS5 will also be available as a 3 piece forged wheel, magnesium centre with forged rim halves or as a 2 piece hybrid magnesium centre and carbon fibre barrel.

all configurations will be available in sizes 18" 19" 20" 21" & 22" sizes with a huge selection of widths, applications and finishes. Get in touch with us for further details on our Magnesium wheel range

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