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Audi Q7 ABT AS7 VAD Wheel Upgrade

We have had lots of requests over the last few months regarding our 22” wheel upgrades for the first generation Audi Q7, especially the ABT AS7 version, all of the sizes and specifications we have listed on our website, but the requests we are having of late underlines that we needed to put the info out there more.

We generally have a huge disliking for wheel spacers, but we do understand why some people use them you only have to look at some of the high quality German tuners have used them over the years and still do on certain wide body conversions they produce, that they want to sell the complete package that they have built and invested into, which makes perfect sense, they produce a wheel that will fit the stock o.e.m vehicle and then add 35 to 50 mm of spacer when they sell the wheels with their wide body conversion, its not something we would do or offer personally but we understand the reasoning behind it, but this is also why we admire companies like Hamann Motorsport and Prior Design, the companies that build the same design wheel for a stock or wide body conversion without the use of a spacer, if its a standard body they offer a standard width wheel for the application, if its the wider version they build a wider and the correct wheel width for the conversion, which is how it should be done.

10.5x22 > 295/30R22 Front & 13x22 > 335/25R22 Rear VAD VF1

The first generation Q7 has been a firm favourite at VAD and we have converted a fair few over the years as well as supplying a selection of our wheels to customers who already had the ABT Q7 fitted but were disappointed with the tuner wheel and tyre set up.

The ABT conversion for the Q7 is deceptively wide, the AS7 can be fitted with quite a substantial wheel and width, we build 10.5x22 front wheels and 13x22 rear wheels fitted with 295/30R22 & 335/25R22 tyres front and rear respectively, as well as fitting adjustable lowering links, it seems to be a conversion we are quite renown for, get in touch in you want the ultimate look for your Audi.

Audi ABT AS7 A7 Wide Body, fitted with VAD 10.5X22 & 13X22 VF1, EVO-R

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