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Time Attack GTR

Global time attack builds and the costs to win must be enormous, just the engine side alone you have to invest crazy money, being does not mean much if you have not got the handling to match all that power, you need good suspension and good aero, which is why there is an increase on light weight aero parts, you only have to look at some of the creations of WTAC in Sydney Australia to see the cars just more radical every year, they look and sound crazy and they all have one aim... winning.

We have started to get more involved with the supply of our carbon parts over the last couple of years, we have a few Porsche 997 GT3R around the globe as well as a few Porsche 996 and one build we were extremely pleased y to be involved with was the amazing GTR of David Haagsma, we featured the car a few weeks back and its one very impressive build, the SP Engineering engine tune alone is the best part of $40,000, if not more, then you have the trick JRZ Suspension set up, carbon brakes and other radical areas of build, so when David came calling for our carbon fibre Ichiban aero kit, we were happy to get involved.

Global Time Attack Ichiban GTR, under construction at SicChops for David Haagsma

The kit consists of the usual suspects of body work you need to create the a wider look, so front and rear bumpers, front fenders rear quarters as the most popular panels supplied, our front splitter is the complete front floor, as is the rear diffuser, albeit David used an RHR diffuser than Scott from SicChops mated up to our rear bumper set up.

Another neat touch we love about David's GTR is the huge bonnet vents he has added to his Seibon standard look oem style carbon bonnet, they are huge and there are a lot of them which makes for a very angry looking front end, its very intimidating to look at, to finish off the aero David has added a huge rear wing assembly from the APR crew, with a set of 18" slicks complete the build.

We look forward to seeing David hit the track, and if previous years are anything to go by, then his competition should worry, as he will take some stopping when he finally gets out on circuit.

We are now looking to jump on-board with the Australian crew from The Lowdown and one of there friends and customers who are looking to put together one serious GTR for the WTAC next year, so our light weight Ichiban is now under consideration for the main aero parts for this crazy up and coming build.

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