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Cayman RSR

A few months back we gave a little insight into our RSR styled wide body for the Porsche Cayman 981 Chassis, and its been pretty well received.

The kit is only available in carbon at the moment but over the coming months we will possibly introduce a GRP version of the parts, but with the carbon fibre aero parts looking this good were just not really feeling the need for the GRP version, that is unless the demand was high.

So what does the conversion consist of and what is needed to turn a stock Cayman into this absolute epic machine you see here.

The front bumper is a carbon fibre GT4 style that is further enhanced by a complete under floor front splitter, we can also swap this out for a 991 RS Cup style set up which some people actually prefer. A set of front fender extensions, wide side rocker sills that blend into the wider rear quarter panels, that really do expand this little Cayman out to the maximum, this is then finished off with a 991 GT3R style rear bumper set up with the vented tuning veins sitting either side with a full rear floor diffuser set up with 6 strakes making up the rear end, a rear wing assembly can also be requested from the optional extras list.

To fill the huge arches, you need some pretty wide wheels and tyres, 11” width up front and 13” at the business end fitted with 275 and 345 tyres front and rear respectively, you can specify 18” 19” or 20” sizes from a range of forged 3 piece wheels we manufacture for this particular build, or super light weight magnesium wheels if you have the desire to build the ultimate track tool, top this off with a set of JRZ custom coilover suspension, centre exit stainless hybrid exhaust makes for one very serious looking Cayman.

The conversion is available now and we are taking orders for builds as well as offering the aero pack out for supply only, so if your Interested the world’s most aggressive light weight carbon fibre wide body for your Cayman 981, then get in touch for more details.

Click the link to view the full gallery

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