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Carbon Fibre and Forged Magnesium 2 Piece wheels

We are always striving for better products at VAD and whilst we are happy with everything we promote and sell, the search for the perfect product is always ongoing.

Midway through 2017 we had a request for carbon fibre wheels from a good friend, the same friend has now taken delivery of his hybrid forged magnesium and carbon fibre monoblock wheel for his incredible AMG Mercedes Benz C Class coupe, the awesome the Edition 1, and to make it even more special it’s the motorsport example, it really is a very rare model, and the focus has been to make the wheels as light as possible and at 7.5 KG I think we have achieved our goal, but we will discuss this wheel and vehicle in minute detail when the wheels are fitted to the intended vehicle.

With the forged magnesium monoblock you have limited fitments, mainly because the widths of the blank forgings are very limited, so we can’t do every vehicle we want with a monoblock set up, for example we couldn't do the Lamborghini Aventador with the 9x20 front and 13x21 rear, because the rear forging isn't available, so we have been looking for another light weight wheel that we can work with that would cover more applications.

There are carbon fibre wheels on the market, but unfortunately the ones we have seen just do not float our boat, basically speaking the wheels are ugly, and for us the product has to look ascetically pleasing to the eye, as well as form & function, and yes we do want our cake and eat it, wheels maketh the car, and it’s no different with a carbon fibre wheel, let’s face it for the cost of these wheels alone…they need to be beautiful to look at.

Well now for the best bit as we now have the best of all worlds, for the applications we can’t do with a 1 piece monoblock, we can now do with our 2-piece carbon fibre and forged magnesium wheels. these wheels have a carbon fibre one-piece barrel, the centre is forged magnesium that is bolted to the carbon flange, with exposed or hidden titanium hardware, we have many applications, widths with any design catered for, be it a 5 spoke, mutispoke, or a design you have created yourself.

So for those customers that strive to want the pinnacle alloy wheel product, we now have every exotic material you could possible wish for.

We have our full carbon fibre forged composite 3-piece wheel, our hybrid forged magnesium and carbon fibre monoblock wheel, and now our 2-piece carbon barrelled, forged magnesium 2 piece.

Sizes and widths for the all-new 2-piece hybrid carbon / magnesium wheels are as follows.

19” barrel sizes: 8.75 > 10” > 11” > 12” // 20” Barrel sizes: 9” > 10” > 11” > 12”

21” Barrel sizes: 9.5” > 10” > 12.5” // 22” Barrel sizes: 10” > 12”

If you are interested in any of our carbon wheel products, in the 1, 2 or 3 piece then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements.

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