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Aspect GT new wheel designs

With the turn of every year we always try and update our custom forged wheel range with at least one new design and to be honest this year we were not going to look at until the middle part of the year, but with the wheels for our BMW Z4 GT3 V8 being built incorrectly especially the fronts it was time for a rethink, as AG wheels like most of the wheels companies stateside don’t stand by their mistakes, so we are left to pick up the rather large cost of replacing a set of wheels we had yet to use, we could just replace the centres, but we would rather start with a fresh clean build with another manufacturer, one that we can trust and work with long term, enter Aspect GT, a relatively new name but with a long pedigree.


We have looked at the mesh designs and that design along with a multi-spoke will be the usual easy choice for our build, but we want to step outside the box a little, it’s a motorsport looking car, so we want a motorsport looking design, and there is nothing that looks like what we want, so we got our heads together with our wheel partners and manufacturers that are helping us on this build and we have come up with two motorsport themed wheels, the problem is well like them both.

The first design is a take on a true motorsport classic, a little touch of the old OZ Motorsport wheel styling but with extra smaller windows, like the old school Speedline or compomotive take on the design, but this is a 3 piece wheel and will have a concave profile, with whats called super registry.


the smaller windows down by the bowl can also be left out of the design for that true motorsport look and plenty of room for the graphics or CNC machined text around the bowl area of the wheel, the second take on the design is the same design but with raised spoke in-between the windows, and this is the design that we really do like the look of, this design with an aggressive offset will set the Z4 GT3 off to perfection

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