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OLD&NEW Porsche 997, the first European build gets the green light

It has been an long time coming for the European market, but as they say…good things come to those that wait. We can’t believe it’s been the best part of 10 months since we met the guys from Old & New at the TAS 2017 Tuning show in Japan, we really hit it off with those guys straight away and since then we have been looking to build their beautiful slant nose 997 conversion for the European market but unfortunately this year we have had our own build happening with the Z4 GT3 V8, which has taken a lot longer than it should of done so consumed a lot of our time not to mention funds, although we would like to, we simply cannot build everything we promote and sell, its just not feasible.

Our good friend Iby from Speedwells looked at the possibility of building the slant nose, but he already had a love affair with our very own Porsche GT3R conversion for his own Turbo 997 chassis, and to be honest we are pleased he went that route because that car build is a game changer, and the fact that Iby knows how to build a show stopper, so our R conversion is in very good hands, but that was another opportunity to build the slant nose 997 gone, so it’s been a case of waiting for someone to pull the trigger, and although we have had lots of interest in building a slant nose for both 996 & 997 chassis

no one stepped up to the plate, well until now…enter Reflex Auto Design.

For the people that haven’t heard of RAD and need an introduction, they are a Daventry based custom fabrication and paint specialist, as well as insurance approved body shop working on all marquees, you want it they can make it and they are extremely good at what they do, we should know as they are the company that painted the old black and White VAD 957 Cayenne Gemballa Turbos, the VAD Premier 4509 wide body Bentley GT and the UK’s first RWB Porsche 993, unfortunately it has never really been documented what they have done for VAD in the past, mainly due to one of the old VAD Partners preferring to keep them out of the limelight, but as he is no longer part of the VAD organisation we have no problem telling the world who they are, what they do and what they have done, in fact this is the company we have chosen to work with painting our very own BMW Z4 GT3 V8, these boys will be laying down the paint on our Z4 unicorn, so we have a lots of history and utmost respect for this company and all of its crew, we are extremely pleased and very excited to be collaborating with them on the old & new wide body Porsche programme, but also happy that we will be involved with them on many more up and coming builds we have planned for the future.

The Old & New Porsche 997 Slant Nose

They have already acquired the Porsche 997 base model, which is a 2005 C2 and it’s a beauty, it seems a shame to pull it to bits and change the colour, but that is exactly what they have planned, in fact I don’t think any part of the car will remain stock, with what they have in store for this build, the renders we have seen on the plans are mouth-watering and ridiculously original, we can wait to share it to the world, something old, something new…something different, 2018 is looking pretty exciting.

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