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Wide Body R35 GTR

Its been a while since we have had any news on this amazing looking GTR, but looking at the latest set of pictures, its been worth the wait. The owner Ben of BPA Body shop has been extremely busy, so his personal pride and joy unfortunately had to take a back seat, something we can relate to with our own build, when you are a small business you have to prioritise, and your own personal get put together as and when.

We have been waiting so long for someone to build a white GTR with our wide body and Ben didn't disappoint, its breath taking finish is a credit to his craft, its impeccable, and he has a great eye for attention to detail, with the Nismo 2015 red pinstripe being added to the bottom half of the kit, along with a carbon bonnet with exposed carbon vents, the black roof and black diffuser, splitter and side skirts, he really did hit the sweet spot on the overall look of the car, some people don’t seem to like the black stripe in between the rear lights, but we do, its different and its nice to see someone thinking outside of the usual GTR box.

The engine is heavily modified, albeit we have no idea what changes have been made, all we know is its had certain tuned modifications, so it should be plenty quick enough for most peoples speed needs.

Its all be finished off with some gloss black VAD CR EVO in 12x21 front and 13x21 rear, wrapped in 355/25R21 Pirelli Rubber.

We said when this car was started to be constructed that it was going to turn out pretty special, and it really hasn't disappointed, it’s a credit to Ben and his team, and were extremly please there is yet another VAD wide body GTR on UK roads.

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